Fig Pie



250g wheat flour 100g confectioner's sugar 125g unsalted butter 2 egg yolks Sicilian lemon zests A bit of salt 30 ml milk (if the dough is dry)

Frangipane cream:

250g wheat flour 2 eggs 250g sugar 250g cashew nut flour 50g wheat flour 15ml Grappa or rum (optional)


For the dough:

First, mix the butter with the flour and sugar, until it looks like crumbs. Then, mix the other ingredients until it gets even, without overmixing. Spread on the bottom and sides of a removable bottomed pan. Pre-bake it for 15 minutes in medium heat, and set aside.

For the cream:

First, mix the butter and sugar in a food mixer until it gets white. Then, add eggs until it gets dense. Add cashew nut flour and mix it at low speed, add wheat flour and mix it until it gets thick. Then, put this cream in the pan with the pre-baked dough spreading fresh figs in it. Bake it for 30 minutes until the pie gets golden. Serve it warm with yogurt ice cream!

Arugula and figs salad


1 packet of arugula 5 ripe figs, peeled and cut into four pieces 100g cherry or grape tomatoes cut in half 100g balls of buffalo mozzarella in half 50g raw ham in small strips Salt Vinegar Extra virgin olive oil


Put the base for the salad on a plate spreading the argula leaves. Distribute tomatoes and mussarela over the base.
Top with slices of ham and chopped figs. Season and serve fresh.

Toast of serrano ham and roasted fig


2 slices Italian bread 1 ripe tomato 10 tablespoons of virgin olive oil 40g sliced serrano ham 2 fresh figs Pepper 1 tablespoon balsamic caramel*


Cut the figs into four pieces and put them on a pan. Spread olive oil and black pepper. Bake the figs rapidly. Then, toast the bread. Rub garlic and then tomato cut in half. Spread serrano ham, put a slice of fig on every quadrant and spread balsamic caramel. Cut into four parts and serve.

For the balsamic caramel

Ingredients: 3 kg sugar 350 ml water 3 peeled oranges 150 ml Port Wine 50 ml balsamic vinegar


In a bowl, melt the sugar and add Port Wine. Wait for the alcohol to evaporate, and then add water and peeled oranges. Let it boil until it looks like a thin wire. Mix caramel to the balsamic vinegar. Reserve it outside the refrigerator.

Figs Jam


250g chopped figs 1 tablespoon sugar Half lemon juice Water


Put the figs, sugar and lemon juice in a bowl, add water and boil it until it gets soft. Mix it in a blender or food mixer until it gets even. All set, now just keep it in the refrigerator.



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